Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation State of Mind

Last week I was on vacation.  This time last Monday, I was on the beach and playing in the waves. It was glorious.  In the first few days, I realized just how exhausted I was and how much I needed rest.  A person really should not be using eye drops to get the red out of her eyes every day to cover up how tired she is.  (especially when her father is an optometrist and has been told all her life that the extra chemicals are bad for you)

Throughout the course of the week, I really separated from work.  I did not touch my dissertation paper.  I just relaxed and read a silly book by one of my fav chic lit authors.  Played with my niece and nephew.  Took naps.  It was lovely.

On Thursday, I had to step back into the real world to handle a situation at church. It was a situation I needed to be aware before Sunday morning rolled around but after about a fifteen minute phone call the situation was handled.

I realized though that if I had been at home, this little matter would have likely occupied my thoughts and actions for an entire day, at least. I'd worry over making sure I handled it just the right way.  Calling everyone that might be involved or affected.  It really was not that big of a deal but it was something that needed to be handled. Just not something to be obsessed about.

My problem is that I take myself too seriously sometimes. I think that if I don't respond just the right way everything will fall apart.  Which is ridiculous.  I am not that important but I put myself under the pressure to make sure I get it just right.

So, I'm trying on a new mindset. The next time I feel myself getting sucked into something, dwelling on a matter, I am going to ask myself, "How would I handle this if I were on vacation?" Would it need the attention of entire days and numerous phone calls or would it be handled simply, hoping for the best.

So, today, join in me in finding ways to listen to the waves right where we are and asking the question, "How can we take on a "vacation state of mind?"

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